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It was the year 1886, Roque Espiñeira, born in Boborás-ORENSE (first generation), takes charge of MAQUIANS (waterfalls between Galician mountains) stones mills and there grind wheat, salt and spices .entre other products of the land. On the back of their farineiros burritos, lower its grinds to its deposit products in the village of RIBADAVIA, province of ORENSE. From there they spread it throughout the region of RIBEIRO and PORTUGAL. But GUMERSINDO ESPIÑEIRA CAMPOS (second generation) Decides to travel to Morocco and installed a new mill for grinding of phosphate stones since this reign was very rich in this product. After a few years he returned to Spain and along with his wife ANTONIA ALMUIÑA FERNANDEZ decided to move with his family to Buenos Aires Argentina.

In the year 1909 Gumersindo, established in the capital city of the Republic Argentina, install Mills stone and casting of sulfur, graphite, salt and sealing which was directly from the Argentine post then. Also manufactures in the country first chalks of billiards which was used by many athletes of this game for its quality (family Navarra). This industry was located in the 875 Varela Street in the neighborhood of Flores.

Juan Espiñeira Almuiña (third-generation) along with his wife Mercedes Loeda Centron decide to move to the city of Avellaneda, Piñeyro district. At that time the streets were of land low, distant houses each other, ideal place for his soul of pioneer continuing the path of his father and introducing as well as smelting and milling, production of the famous bars of sulphur, then no easy task.

With the help of his devoted wife working side by side and with much sacrifice to achieve a thriving economic position which enables them to build properties and sheds, one of which is on Cangallo 3852 (Sarandi) Avellaneda, currently plant of grinding dried.

At age 23 his son Juan Carlos Espiñeira Loeda (fourth generation) is responsible because of the advanced age of their parents. This decides to continue with the grinds of different products, providing new technologies and machineries. Heir to the combative spirit of his grandparents and his parents decided to open in the street Páez N * 51 Avellaneda another plant grinds wet colloidal phase and laboratory.

At present this company is a model to take into account. That original activity that emerged in a Galician town, moved to the Argentina and since then over 128 years of honest industrial and commercial career, perfects and develops new products provide important services to the community.